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She melds through the emotions of intrigue, betrayal, love, frustration and acceptance with ease and it’s her character that grows the most through the movie.

(Yes, using the right pronoun in this paragraph has been a challenge.) Much has been made of Eddie Redmayne’s performance in this movie with many critics tipping him as the likeliest bet to beat Leonardo di Caprio in this year’s Oscar race, if indeed anyone does beat him.However, I don’t want to scare people off from watching this movie, as it is still a very good movie that certainly offers a very strong portrait of the emotional turmoil that goes through when a person undertakes these transitions and and how they come to terms with what they feel.follows the ‘true life’ story of Einar Wegener (played by Eddie Redmayne), a popular landscape artist who is coming to terms with a suppressed female personality (named Lili Elbe) and his desire to explore his femininity.I put true-life in commas there, as the movie is actually based off a fictionalized account of the story from a book written by David Ebershoff.The characters in the movie did exist in real-life, but there are obvious liberties taken with the story to make it more palatable to the cinema goer.

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